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Taking the ultra-functional style of the counters, RESERVOIR creates a bold way to tell the time.

Retrograde minute and jumping hour replace the three traditional hands of Swiss watches. The RESERVOIR watches innovate with a radical reading of the time based on two horological complications combined with a power reserve, which indicates the mechanical energy and remaining power: The retrograde minute at 240° is reminiscent of a revolution counter, pressure gauge or depth gauge. The jumping hour in an aperture recalls the mileage counters. As for the power reserve, it reproduces the petrol or oil gauges.

Precision, accuracy and reliability are all about measuring time, performance and risk.

It is at Télôs Watch that the dedicated watchmakers design, assemble and ensure the meticulous adjustment of RESERVOIR watches. The rigorous controls and the attention paid to every detail allow RESERVOIR to display the SWISS MADE label, reflecting the watchmaking quality achieved through a patented proprietary module comprising 124 components. Top