Rebellion Timepieces

Predator 2.0 Regulator Tourbillon

The tourbillon of this exceptional regulator is enough to distinguish it. Customisable, with a 60-hour power reserve.

Precision and complication are at the heart of this movement developed exclusively for REBELLION Timepieces by Télôs Watch SA. Disturbances due to the earth's gravity are compensated for by the tourbillon, exposed at 6 o'clock. The hours and minutes are indicated by two separate counters. The large hand is responsible for the seconds. In addition to the tourbillon, the automatic movement has a power reserve of 60 hours and benefits from exclusive finishing touches such as hand-bevelling and polishing.
The Predator 2.0 Régulateur Tourbillon is limited to 30 pieces.

Predator 2.0 GMT

Inspired by the brakes on racing cars, the Predator 2.0 GMT is the ultimate fusion between technology and aesthetics, as well as between sports cars and fine watchmaking.

The dial of this REBELLION timepiece is unique, consisting of a brake disc and caliper, as well as a GMT indicator. The second time zone indicator has a customisable globe that rotates around its own axis and, at the same time, the central axis of the movement. On the opposite side of the dial, the brake calliper hand indicates the hours. The minutes are marked by the central hand. The automatic movement of this timepiece provides a power reserve of 42 hours.
The Predator 2.0 GMT is limited to 25 pieces.

Predator 2.0 Regulateur Power Reserve

The past and the present are at the heart of this unique timepiece composed of timeless technology and a design derived from modern racing cars.

Under the bonnet of this exceptional timepiece is a regulator movement. Since the hands of a regulator are independent, the display is unstructured and unconventional. Its dashboard displays two counters for the hours and minutes, and the large central hand, light and sporty, is dedicated to the seconds. At 6 o'clock, a gauge indicates the power reserve of the automatic movement, which will continue to hum for 46 hours, even if it remains motionless.


Inspired by the steering wheels of the most iconic classic cars and manufactured with the latest technology in the world of watchmaking, the Twenty-One offers a magnificent modern reinterpretation of classicism.

This new generation of REBELLION timepieces beats to the rhythm of an automatic Télôs Watch movement. A rotating disc displays the hours, while a hand indicates the minutes. Two smaller panels house the seconds dial and a second time zone. The movement is completed by a unique REBELLION finish and a timeless cushion case. With its 42-hour power reserve, it is the perfect blend of classic automotive style, high-end watchmaking and high-tech processes. Top