Cvstos Double Tourbillon

This mechanical ensemble gives the breathtaking dynamic, three-dimensional impression of suspended elements within a totally ventilated volume between the various organs. The transparency of the openworked dial and the open caseback offer a remarkable view of the spectacular appearance of this skeletonised movement.

On the edges of the case, four porthole-shaped openings invite the amazed gaze to plunge into the heart of this precious mechanism to discover the magnificent arrangement of its components from new, unexpected and spectacular perspectives.

Erected as a work of art, the upper bridge of the flying differential cage displays the Small "Medium" seconds indicator, by means of a hand (in anodised aluminium) with three points, now the exclusive emblem of the Brand; it comes in ocean blue and runs across the small dial positioned at 6 o'clock, on which the seconds indication is assigned.

Extremely refined, designed with an aesthetic directly inspired by nautical codes, this movement is characterised by the different play of materials and colour treatments.

Cut from 5N pink gold or Grade 5 Titanium treated with blue PVD, the tonneau-shaped case, a veritable showcase, admirably highlights the mechanical arts of fine watchmaking through the purity of its lines and volumes. This architecture, which is both accomplished and recognisable among all others, is full of character and contributes to the aesthetic differentiation of CVSTOS in the closed circle of Haute Horlogerie. Top